Feeling good in my Spring Garden by Hannah

16th April 2021

Why does Spring in the garden make us feel good?

Spring is my favourite time of year for many reasons. The cold weather and long dark nights are soon forgotten as the sun starts to appear more and awakens the outdoor world. The increased light levels we experience in Spring triggers the release of serotonin, this is the brain chemical that makes us feel happier. So just going outside is a great starter for ten. This has a great impact on mental health – one of the reasons our industry has been able to continue throughout the past year of restrictions. There are many ways in which spring can boost your mental health, but what better way to start than in your own back garden? I am lucky to be able to work outdoors all year round whatever the weather when most people do not get the chance. But now that spring is here there’s plenty of opportunities to get out in the fresh air.

Here are some simple feel-good things to do in your garden:

Enjoy the blossom – it is the end of the blossom season for many but still try prunus kanzan which blossoms later than most. I love the symbolism behind these plants as they are a symbol of a new start for many.  Famously the cherry blossom, or Sakura in the Japanese language, is linked to the Japanese philosophy of patience, respect for nature and inner peace.  The idea of the flowering blossoms representing a rebirth, is a powerful notion beautifully shown by nature. Although cherry trees are often seen as a fragile beauty, we are reminded that they represent

Exercise – the exercise of gardening and breathing in fresh air can be second to none, whatever age you are. From planting up small herbaceous plants to more strenuous digging and clearing, this is a physical activity with a double benefit. Why not get fitter whilst making your outdoor space look amazing! Gardening burns a lot of calories and is viewed as a moderate-intensity exercise. This must be good news!



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