Outdoor Pots & Contemporary Planters

The Big Green Plant Centre is proud to stock a full range of IDEALIST products exclusively in the west London area and surrounding counties.

This brand creates unique outdoor and indoor planters and pots of different shapes and sizes. Whether you want rectangular forms or bowls, we have tall and short items, extra-large flower planters and other modern designs that you’ll find at affordable prices.

The stylish design is a combination of sophistication and practicality, it helps to draw your attention and make the plants a statement item. IDEALIST planters are resistant to frost and UV rays so they will look stylish all year round.

Another reason why we are proud to stock the IDEALIST range is because the planters are produced using recycled materials.

We also stock a range of ceramic and terracotta pots to help you achieve a traditional garden style. We have a large range of colourful glazed pots which are great for creating a vivid eye-catching display. All our pots are frost proof so there is no need to worry about storing them away over winter.

Idealist Square
Idealist Round
Idealist Rectangular