Climbers can be evergreen or deciduous plants, which are trained onto walls, fences, and buildings, or can be grown onscreens,arches, pergolas, and obelisks.

Climbers have many uses in the garden and aren’t just for beautifying a dull wall. They create privacy when trained along the tops of a trellis, can hide an unsightly part of the garden such as a bin shed but are also valuable for wildlife. Climbers such as Pyracantha produce berries in the Autumn and birds love them! Flowering plants such as clematis and Jasmin provide pollinators with enough food to last from spring to summer.

They have small root systems and require very little soil space which means there’s plenty of room for other plants! And they will also grow happily in a container

Climbers will climb in different ways and not all varieties are ‘true climbers’ so they will need additional support and to be tied onto something, this includes plants such as Ceanothus. Climbers such as Virginia creeper are ‘true climbers’ and haveself-clinging aerial roots, which stick to walls and fences.

Climbing plants