Accessories & Sundries

Compost and Bark

At the Big Green Plant Centre, we stock a range of compost and bark to suit your garden’s needs. We stock two types of ericaceous soil, a range of general multipurpose compost, topsoil, farmyard manure and specialised compost. It can be difficult to know which compost is best suited for your plants, so just ask a member of staff and we’ll be happy to advise you.

For a decorative look on beds, borders and pots, try some bed and border chipped bark or decorative mini bark to achieve a clean finish. Or revitalise your old soil by using composted bark which will not only provide a decorative look but will improve soil structure, drainage and slowly releases nutrients into the ground. Using bark will help to suppress weeds and keep moisture locked in, so there is less need for watering (once plants are fully rooted).

Plant food and Fertilisers

Keeping your plants well fed is the key to a happy and healthy garden. We stock a range of liquid and slow release fertilisers to suit most plants’ needs. We also keep Rootgrow mychorrhizal fungi in stock. A natural and plant friendly fungus that will help create a secondary root system to support a plant or tree for a lifetime! You’ll soon notice your plants will have a greater water uptake, more prominent flowering and added resilience.

Garden Tools

At the Big Green Plant Centre, we stock a range of Darlac tools, including secateurs, shears, and trowels for everyday garden use. We also stock axes, telescopic poles with tree pruner attachments, and tri-blade shears for some more challenging projects. Give us a call or pop down to our Nursery to see what we have in stock. If you’ve seen something on the Darlac website and can’t see the item in stock at our Nursery, let one of our staff members know and we can arrange to add your item onto our next delivery.