Deciduous & Evergreen Shrubs

Shrubs are the ‘skeleton’ of a garden, they provide structure and year-round interest. They are also very valuable to wildlife, and they can provide shelter and sometimes are a food source. With so many to choose from there is a perfect shrub for every garden. We keep a wide range of mature and semi-mature deciduous and evergreen shrubs in stock on the nursery.

Deciduous shrubs will change with the season and many offer interest throughout each season whether it’s a beautiful flower, a colorful berry or an attractive foliage colour change.

Evergreen shrubs provide year-round structure and are most beneficial in the winter when the garden can look a bit bare. They can be clipped into shapes or used as backdrops/borders to define the edges of a garden. Evergreens shurbs aren’t just green! Many come with a stunning display of colorful foliage.